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7 Dec

LEARN TO COOK  BAKE (with already made dough)

{Rachel, Nala & Kate}

We’re back!

Rachel and I decided to get back in the saddle and get back in the kitchen after our little  chicken fiasco. This time we decided to go a tad simpler and bake old school christmas cookies instead of a roast chicken. We have both been craving all things “holiday” so we decided to spend an afternoon baking silly christmas cookies to get in the spirit.

I adore my time with Rachel…she’s such an easy, happy and creative energy in my life. As much fun as we have, I think we would both have to agree that we are a bit useless when put together. It’s like the blind leading the blind with us. We lead each other from one ridiculous activity to the next. (She also happens to be one of the people who I plan to drive across the country with…that should be interesting!)

We spent a good portion of the cookie afternoon driving around Venice looking for holiday cookie cutters. Who knew these damn cookie cutter’s were going to be so hard to find? Are they a thing of the past? I was surprised to learn the answer is no. They do indeed still exist ( I googled it ) but I wouldn’t say the cookie cutter business is flourishing. So we had to say “screw the cutters!” and bought easy bake cookie dough instead. Our plan was to cut our own holiday shapes into the dough with knives. That plan went to hell too. Making Rudolphs in dough with sharp knives is harder than you may think. So in the end we decided to simply make boring old circle cookies and let our creativity shine with the decorating!

While the cookies were in the oven we decided to pass the time with a few small detours. Our first detour involved a hair tutorial. Rachel was nice enough to offer to teach me how to make pretty waves in my hair with a flat-iron (I know what you may be thinking…it’s truly pathetic that at almost 30 I can’t do my own hair…I agree). This detour resulted in our knocking into the shower curtain and ripping it to the floor. Unfortunately on the way down it fell on Rachel’s head as she carefully curled my hair. Bless her little heart because it looked like it really hurt. I only know this because I happened to be staring in the mirror watching Rachel carefully curl my hair as it fell. The situation made us laugh so hard we cried (she may have actually been crying though)

 Our next detour involved her Chihuahua Nala. We decided she needed to take a holiday group photo with us wearing a sweater. It’s safe to say that Nala was less than thrilled by our idea but we got the shot!

All in all I’d say the afternoon was a success! We baked 24 festive holiday cookies and 1 batch of cinnamon buns and I’m feeling rather festive because of it. I still don’t know how to make waves in my hair though.

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