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12 Dec

I have no idea why these events have been on my mind so much recently. Maybe because it’s the same time of year? I had a rough couple of months during my 12th year on earth but learned some valuable lessons in the process. On November 2nd 1993  my mom’s house burned down in the Malibu fires. Just like that. Burned to the ground. I remember that morning vividly and  thinking it was a beautiful day. So blue. So bright. Not a cloud in the sky. My mom dropped me off at school just like any other day. My life was pretty ordinary. I had no idea that everything was going to change and that just like that I would lose all my things. My sock monkey from when I was a baby. The video of me at 6 telling my mom that skiing “just wasn’t my kinda sport”. A good portion of my baby photos. All my things. My special things. Our house was the only house on the block that burned down too. Totally unfair I thought. A tiny ember flying in the wind landed on our house and burned it to the ground. How strange is that.

Two months later on January 17th 1994 my dad’s house crumbled in an earthquake…with us in it. As you can imagine I remember that pretty vividly as well. When the shaking started I remember thinking it was a dream. That I was in a dream. Then my mini tv fell on me and I realized that I wasn’t in a dream. The shaking felt like it went on forever. I think it was only 15 seconds but it was the longest 15 seconds of my life. Then it went quiet and the rumbling stopped and I could hear my Dad screaming my name because he couldn’t get my door open. It was jammed. I remember standing at the door frozen with shock. We somehow managed to get out of the house without being seriously hurt.

These two events taught me that life can sometimes be totally unfair, unpredictable and scary. Everything can change in an instant. We never know when the rug is going to be pulled out from underneath us but I also learned that wrapped up in difficult moments are beautiful lessons. I have very little attachment to things anymore. They don’t define me. I also am very adaptable because of these events. Truly you could stick me anywhere and I would be fine. Beautiful lessons sometimes come wrapped in shitty packages.



9 Aug


The route has been decided and it will now be referred to as “Southern Charm With A Splash Of Delaware”. I have decided to start in Delaware because it’s where my family is from and I will take any excuse to get back east to visit family, eat crabs and catch fireflies. That’s what’s so fun about planning this trip. The continent is my oyster. What freedom! The thought of completing this goal puts a huge smile on my face.  A joyful, giddy, silly AND huge smile on my face. I have always wanted to do this drive and I am doing it!  I still have no idea how I am going to take 3 weeks off from my LA life but those are just minor details…right?  I have found that’s what always stands in the way. Thinking there will “one day” be a better time to do something you long to do. But, really the time is now. Since I put this on my 365 to 30 list for the world to see, I will be filling my soul with cross-country memories before my 30th birthday.

 I figured the first thing to decide was my route then build around that. I went with my gut and chose the South. What better place to start I thought? It is filled with fantastic culture, food and people. Oh man, I can’t wait to get lost and eat pie.

The Route


North Carolina

South Carolina






New Mexico


HOME In California!!


“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living”

Miriam Beard


01 Life Is a Highway