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Day 4, Part 1: Santa Fe, Canyon Road & Ten Thousand Waves

19 Apr


Day 4, Part 1

 Sleep, turquoise, canyon road, zen spa & a fish named Herb

 We let ourselves sleep till 8:30 on day 4! Aren’t we crazy?! After 3 days of no sleep, both Rachel and I were committed to getting some solid Z’s. A meltdown was near for both of us due to exhaustion and we knew we were approaching dangerous territory. I can only speak for myself but I am a monster when I am tired. A MONSTER.

So in an attempt to find balance we decided to pamper ourselves a bit on our last morning in Santa Fe and sleep until 8:30, order room service and have breakfast in bed. It was heavenly.

 After packing up our bags and equipment, we decided to head out and explore the Santa Fe streets a bit more. We shopped for turquoise (actually we haggled) and then drove to Canyon Road,  to explore the streets, galleries and shops. Oh, the fun we had playing on tire swings and with statues. We also stumbled upon an amazing little import store on Canyon Road where I found a little bowl with blue chevron stripes on it from India and it became my treasure to bring home from Santa Fe.

 After our walk on Canyon Road we took our relaxation morning to a whole new level and decided to pay a visit to Ten Thousand Waves, a Japanese style spa in Santa Fe.  The minute I walked in, I knew I was in for quite a treat. Every little detail was perfection…the tea, the kimonos, the service, the fountains, the little buddhas and my personal favorite was a little plastic orange fish for $3.50. I  snatched him up immediately to bring with us.

After 2 hours of soaking, saunas and silence we packed it up to leave.

I’m pretty sure we would have stayed all afternoon if we could have but we had to head to our next destination, the Puye Cliff Dwellings in Española, New Mexico.

I felt a little sad about leaving Santa Fe. Everyone is so damn nice there and there is something so very poetic about the energy of that place.

Dear Santa Fe,

You’ve got me.

photos taken with my iphone that morning…

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