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30 Sep


(Picture of me on Devils Bridge in Sedona last weekend…Photo courtesy of my love and favorite photographer BHG)

Week 12

I cannot believe its been twelve weeks since I started 365 til 30!!! That’s insane. I keep feeling like there is still so much to accomplish in 9 months and I get overwhelmed. But, then I remember I have crossed Camping and Tassajara off the list…I am actively learning how to speak French and how to cook and I have been volunteering for Food on Foot…makes me feel a little better! I really got to get going on the Tango classes. Maybe I haven’t yet because I KNOW I will make a fool of myself:)

All in all I am pretty grateful for everything in my life at the moment. The last 3 months has been a crazy adventure and totally different than I imagined it to be.  I have dreamed big and can start to see some of my dreams actualize and it’s a crazy feeling. I truly can’t wait to see what the next 9 months has in store.

Last night Brian brought me to my first Rosh Hashana dinner at his Grandmother’s house and I highly enjoyed myself! Except for my aversion to chopped liver. ewwwww.

-What Inspired me this week?-

My first Bon Appetit magazine arrived in the mail! I cannot believe I have a subscription to a cooking magazine… I am ready to cook!

Spending time with Rachel aka One Part Gypsy . It’s such a delight to have her back in LA. I love love love talking about creative stuff with her.

-What am I grateful for this week?-

Brian’s parents for offering their lovely home in Sedona to us!

The fun-filled weekend in Sedona with Bri Guy, Alex, Colin and Ari. Yeaaaap!

My new fit account

Menchies frozen yogurt

-What Surprised me this week?-

How frigging hot it was this time of year in Sedona. I melted!

An unexpected meeting.

What a type A student my mother is.


“There are two things to aim at in life; first to get what you want, and after that to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind has achieved the second.

Logan Pearsall Smith