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nyc, you’re good for the soul

20 Mar

Brian and I just returned from a five-day trip to NYC and it was such an incredible little getaway. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. I’m sure this post will seem like total fluff after my last rather heavy post about my battle with chronic anxiety but isn’t that what vacation is all about? Getting away from it all. And you’ll be happy to know that I only took xanax once during the whole trip. Strangely enough it was while getting my hair blown out at Dry Bar. Why? Mystery even to me folks why this moment awakened the anxiety monster. He’s a strange creature.

We were in the city to celebrate the marriage of one of my best girlfriends Alison and her fabulous groom, David. It was such an honor and joy to watch my childhood friend marry the man of her dreams. They couldn’t be more perfectly suited.  They held hands, giggled and hugged throughout their candlelight ceremony and well, it was just about the most romantic twenty minutes ever. I also watched it holding hands with my future husband which felt a bit surreal. In eight months that will be us.

The rest of our days were filled with lots and lots of running around. Brian has never been to NYC (WHAT?! crazy, huh?!) so we tried to pack in as much as possible. We ate amazing meals, drank lots of cocktails, took long walks through just about every part of Manhattan (oh and let me tell you it was coooold outside), laughed, slept, cuddled, watched movies, drank latte’s, ate more amazing meals, drank more cocktails and played in the snow. Oh and there was also my personal favorite moment which included Brian helping me (with complete sincerity) shop for emergency pantyhose for the wedding at CVS. He’s still in awe of the control top option.

The weekend was exactly what we needed as a couple and I didn’t even know we needed it. I hadn’t realized how much stress we’ve both been under in our everyday lives and the trip was a complete departure from that. Really our biggest concern most days was…what should we eat next?

Here are some of my favorite moments…


fresh off the red-eye flight…ugh

Brian's first hour in nyc on no sleep

Brian’s first hour in nyc on no sleep

beer, biscuits AND pickles?! Dear Jacob’s Pickle’s, you’ve just secured yourself a spot on Brian’s top 5 favorite places in the world


Just a completely unhealthy and totally delicious “southern blt” at Jacob’s Pickles.


A cocktail at 1pm? Sure twist my arm.


Bri’s pickle sampler


smiling while freezing takes talent


A happy goose on the High Line


nyc city cabs can be romantic


come on, Spring!!


most beautiful bride in the world


Carrie, are you home?


Happy St. Patty’s Day!


the mood at lil’ Frankies


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22 Jul


Week 2’s “Inspiration, Gratitude & Surprises”  from a very tired, sweaty and Chardonnay sipping girl sitting at the Fernwood Grill, Big Sur.

-What inspired me this week?-

A session with my life coach Maggi (www.maggischarf.com).

Conversations with Rachel (www.onepartgypsy.com) about future dinner parties, dogs, Thailand and life.

The music filled scenic drive up the 1 highway to Big Sur.

-What am I grateful for this week?-

My first camping experience with my best friend and lover (and guy to my right sipping beer)

The fact that my sister Brooke (really second cousins) is moving back to LA.

My sweet friend Ari.

-What surprised me this week?-

The fact that Brian and I completed a 8 mile hike today…I even carried a heavy (I think) backpack!!

How in love I was with old town Cayucos.

How handy Brian is in the wilderness…he even put fire gloves on at one point to handle our campfire.

How cold Big Sur is in the summer (could be because I am sleeping in a tent)

How quickly a majestic redwood forest can turn into a bug ridden den.

The fact I am getting wireless service when I can’t even get cell service.


“In order to change our way of thinking about the environment, a deeper change has to happen within us”

Yehuda Berg