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Day 7, Part 2: Austin, Texas

30 Apr


Day 7

Austin, Texas

A.K.A- The day everything started to make sense, I ate Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and Herb swam in Barton Springs

On the drive from Marfa to Austin I had a moment where it all started to make sense and I was reminded why I wanted to take this journey in the first place.

We rode through the Texas plains as the sun rose listening to music..the open road as far as the eye could see…the wind in my hair…the smell of the fresh air…the excitement of new landscapes…the feeling of freedom…these are the moments I love most.

and in these moments everything in my life feels expansive, new and full of possibility.

After 8 hours of driving through the plains we arrived in Austin, Texas, slightly exhausted from waking up at 5am (who planned this crazy itinerary anyway?) but SO amped to explore and play in Austin (especially after being stuck in the twilight zone the night before). We were thirsty for human interaction!

I have been to Austin a couple of times before and each and every time I fall in love with it a little more. The last time I was there I actually announced to my group of friends who live there that I was moving to Austin. It could have been the three margarita’s speaking, but I sincerely meant it in the moment. The city is just cool- there is no way around it.

Rachel has never been to Austin before and it was one of the cities on the trip that she was most excited about exploring. So the minute we got there we were off and running- so much to do and see in so little time! That reminds me, next time you hear that I am planning a cross-country road trip please remind me to choose to visit less cities in 3 weeks because it’s simply impossible to see a city in an afternoon.

But it doesn’t mean we didn’t try!

Our first stop was Torchy’s Tacos, a Mexican food truck that happens to be one of the main reasons I almost moved to Austin. I am actually thankful they aren’t in LA because nothing good would come of me eating there every day..nothing at all. Rachel is a bit of a Mexican food nut as well, so I was excited to introduce her to this piece of heaven. I ordered a “dirty sanchez taco”, yes, its actually called that, yes it’s a strange mix of things (scrambled eggs, friend poblano chile, guacamole, escabeche carrots and shredded cheese) and yes, it’s delicious.

{me with my new favorite Sud De Sur purse/picture by One Part Gypsy}

After fueling ourselves with mexican food, we set off to browse the vintage clothing stores on South Congress Street. I wouldn’t say I am a cowboy boot fanatic but I absolutely loved poking my head in Allen’s Boots- I have NEVER seen so many cowboy boots in my life. Wall to wall in every shape, color and size. It could inspire anybody to be a cowboy.

After browsing the stores, we drove over to Barton Springs to dip our feet in the water for a bit. It was filled with locals splashing around happily in the early evening light. I envied them all that this was at their fingertips! I would go there every single day to cool off.

We thought it would be fun to take pictures of Herb in the pool too (I mean he is a fish and all). Thank God I don’t have to show my face at Barton Springs for a bit because oh, the stares we got while photographing playing in the water.

{photo by One Part Gypsy}

We were having such a great afternoon in Austin that we found ourselves daydreaming about moving there. Our plan- we would convince the boys they wanted to live in Austin too,  each buy a little house with a porch on the same street and all live happily ever after in Austin! We decided that other than the painful summer heat, it’s a pretty amazing city…great food, easygoing vibe, artistic, lots of outdoor space, music, cute houses, cute people…the list goes on and on.

After our afternoon exploring the city and planning our move to Austin, we decided to dine at La Condessa and indulge in even more Mexican food. I loved the vibe of this place- it was filled with a lively group of people who were out to enjoy themselves (which seems to be a trait in Austin locals). The margarita’s were great, the guacamole was creamy, my dinner was fab and our server Gilberto was a sweetheart- I would eat there every night if I could. Did I mention I have a Mexican food addiction??

After dinner we strolled the warm streets of Downtown Austin and I had a moment- a moment where I realized that everything in my life felt absolutely perfect.

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