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31 Oct


Wow. Check out the gem of a picture I found! If you hadn’t gathered, I’m the one on the left dressed as Rainbow Bright. The face I am giving that other girl is pretty serious. She must have just gotten more candy than me or something.  I look pissed. There is even something a tad desperate about the way I am walking and trying to keep up. Despite what this picture may say I do remember that being one of my favorite Halloween’s as a kid. My lovely step mom Pamela went to great lengths to make that rainbow bright costume for me and I loved it. Although the fur boots were a tad heavy and hard to walk in it was totally worth it.

Truthfully, I kinda hate Halloween. Always have. When I tell people this fact about myself  I can feel the judgment. I guess it is rather drab of me huh?! I just don’t get a ton of joy out dressing up. Although I did get a few good laughs out of this years costume (which I am really hoping is one of my last considering I am almost 30). Brian and I decided to keep it simple this year and find a couples themed outfit for a party we had to go to Saturday. When I found this”Bacon & Eggs” costume I knew it was for us. I think our “Bacon & Eggs” photo shoot says it all. We really enjoyed ourselves. If you are wondering why we are lying on the floor it’s because Brian thought it would be funny if we pretended we were lying on a plate. Aren’t we clever?



29 Oct

What a crazy couple of days I have had! It’s been one strange phone call after the next. A bit surreal to tell you the truth. I had one of my goals actualize (contribute to one of my favorite websites in a big exciting way) only to have the trip get postponed a few days later! Such as life I guess. Isn’t there some quote that says God laughs at you when you make plans? Well, I bet he’s totally laughing right about now. I guess I will see how the next couple of weeks pan out and what adventure lies ahead for me.  I’m sure there is some special lesson for me here about patience and faith. Blah Blah Blah. But, for the moment I will put all my energy into being the very best fried egg I can be tonight. That was an odd segue huh? Brian and I are going to a Halloween party tonight and we are going to be bacon and eggs! Totally ridiculous yes but we thought it would be a perfect couples costume considering my love of eggs and his love of bacon. I’m sure I will be the only girl not dressed as a sexy “something” and instead as a large fried egg. But, I will be the most comfortable girl!!!


“If you just go with the flow, no matter what weird things happen along the way, you always end up exactly where you belong.”
Tom Upton