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28 Dec


Dear Tango,

I am going to be honest with you, you have surprised me. After completing a week in silence at a Buddhist monastery cleaning toilets, I thought I had tackled myself. But, then I met you and surprise surprise there is something that can still rile me up. You happen to peel me like an onion. Loosing control in your steps proves hard for me and sometimes I get frustrated. You push me to step out of my comfort zone and shed light on my desire to control- of course that bothers me. While you have yet to totally quiet my crazy mind, deep in my heart I know that if I stick with you, you will. When I lose myself in your steps I feel a sense of freedom and joy. I have a sneaking suspicion that you will unlock something in me that I didn’t know was locked and that there is no mistake I choose to master you this year.

 Love, Kate

{All photos by One Part Gypsy}

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16 Nov
20 things that have been making me happy
recently: 1st edition 
1. Pumpkin anything…especially candles and frozen yogurt
2. The hint of Christmas in the air…my favorite time of year is around the corner!
3. This show at the Groundlings Theatre. It cracked me up! A must see if you live in LA
4. Making a plan with my dear friend Rick to learn how to cook his amazing Thai fish dish
5. Cuddling on the couch under blankets
6. Cold nights
7. Leather jackets
8. Scarves
9. Boots
10. The love of a wonderful man
11. Daydreaming about travel ideas/goals that I would LOVE to complete this year…
my 30th birthday in Paris ( I have stolen this idea from my best girlfriend Ali who is spending her 30th birthday in Paris. GENIUS IDEA)…
February trip with Brian to Yosemite for his birthday…
March trip across the country….
oh yeah and I would DIE to continue my tango lessons in Argentina for a week or two…am I asking too much???
12. Receiving a post card in the mail from my friend Chantal! I can’t remember the last time I got a postcard!
14. Watching French Bulldogs walk down the street. The way they wiggle when they walk kills me
15. Fall tv programs…I am loving “Up All Night”
16. How do you know when you’re almost 30? When you are thrilled to have a girls night out on the town…with your mom. We stayed out till 11:30 on MONDAY night. Crazy I tell you. Crazy
17. Pinot Noir
18. Rilke poems
19. Morning beach walks
20. The new Marcel video. He’s BACK! My favorite line from the new video –
“guess why I smile a lot? uh. cause it’s worth it.”