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18 Oct

I went to The Gourmandise School this past Sunday for a Anti-Cancer cooking class taught by the Zuddha Girls- it was beyond informative and the food was so tasty. For those of you who don’t know the The Zuddha Girls they are two absolutely adorable woman who run a company that specializes in raw and vegan cooking/cleanses. They make healthy eating look easy, tasty, fun and sexy. The class made me think about the food choices I am make everyday and how these choices will impact my life in years to come. Especially moving into my 30’s! I want to be the strongest, healthiest and happiest version of myself in my 30’s!

Lesson of the day: Eat MORE veggies and LESS animal products. Such a simple rule but so very hard to follow some days. Of course I came home from the class obsessed with what we keep in our kitchen. Brian and I also had to watch the documentary Forks Over Knives that night- a film about what we should eat and why. It’s a must watch! Here’s to healthy eating and being the best versions of ourselves!

Here are a few fun shots from the day (taken by the very talented One Part Gypsy)

 I also met some fellow fabulous bloggers at the class! All their blogs are great…

Erin of Well in La, Timeisha of Urban Glam Gyrl and of course my friend Rachel of One Part Gypsy.