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3- People That I Love…Maggi

4 Jul


Maggi wears many hats in my life- she’s my auntie, my best friend and my life-coach (if you are in the market for one you must call her) and I will tell you that she takes each role seriously and is extraordinary at each. Maggi and I have the type of connection that doesn’t come around all that often. There’s an understanding and I don’t doubt for a second that there was something bigger at work when she was brought into my life.

Maggi is direct and honest without being harsh. She approaches life with grace, a sense of humor and wonder. She’s intuitive, loving, creative and compassionate.

Dearest Maggi,

I waited to write your “People That I Love” post until last because well, I don’t think I would have this project if it wasn’t for you. I have said it before but it bears repeating- working with you has changed the course of my life. Our sessions are an incredible source of inspiration for me. They help me figure out what my heart is feeling and what my head thinks- you help me unlock me. Our sessions help me awaken my deepest desires, give me a deep sense of strength, make me laugh and help me clearly see what I want from myself, my life, my work and the people around me. That is an invaluable gift, Maggi and I trust you with every fiber of my being.

I love you so very much.



11 Jun

People That I Love

Aunt Paule

Today is my lovely Aunt Paule’s 80th (sorry, the cat’s out of the bag, Auntie) birthday and I thought, what better day to write her “people that I love” post!! But once I decided I was going to write it, I thought…how the heck am I going to put Aunt Paule into words??

She’s such a big, amazing personality.

Aunt Paule and I are technically not related by blood but I feel more connected to her than I do some of my blood relatives! She came into my life through marriage- she’s my ex-stepfather David’s aunt- yes we are one of “those” families: most people need a visual aid to understand all the crazy the connections in our family (to tell you the truth I’m not sure if Brian understands it all to this day).

Some of my favorite qualities about Auntie Paule…

She is the most generous human I know. An example of this- every year for her birthday she takes the  women in the family to the spa for the day! SHE DOES THIS FOR HER BIRTHDAY…backwards, huh? Backwards and amazing if you ask me. This crazy tradition got even crazier when she decided to take us all to Paris (her favorite city) for her 75th birthday! Above and beyond, huh?! It was probably one of the most magical 10 days of my life. The five of us had so much fun playing in Paris- this was the trip I fell in love with all things Parisian.

Aunt Paule is also the most particular person I know. Get her a birthday gift? I think not. It most likely would be something she didn’t like and would have to return. One year I bought her a candle thinking that would be a very “safe” gift. Who doesn’t like candles, right? Well, Aunt Paule doesn’t like scents and sadly that means she doesn’t like candles. She actually looked a tad offended when she opened the box and a scent came wafting out of it. I wasn’t bothered by it though, I respect that she knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to say it!

Aunt Paule is thoughtful and always sends me sweet notes- she is probably the only person who sends me mail anymore and I look forward to them! Aunt Paule is a character- she has been known to interrogate all new boyfriends and girlfriends when they come into the family- I think Brian did very well on his first round. Aunt Paule is wise and always gives me sage advice- the really good kind..the kind that comes from experience and love. Aunt Paule is funny. She started a blog entitled “80 to 80” a few months ago in homage to my blog.

Aunt Paule brings so much to my life. She’s not only my Auntie she’s my friend and I am so thankful that she’s in my life!!

Happy Birthday Auntie Paule. I love you.


3 Jun

Best. Laid. Plans

Last night Brian and I had planned a downtown LA date night. First, we were going to go to an event (a mix of art and history) then dinner. Brian happens to work downtown and yesterday was one of “those Saturdays” where he had to spend the day at the office to get a project done for a deadline. I’m telling you, the world of an urban designer is no joke. He works soooo much. Anyway, our plan was simple. I meet him downtown at the end of the day and we have a fun night out on the town.

I didn’t pay much attention to what he was wearing when he left in the morning. It was early. I was tired. So when I emailed him around three asking what he wanted me to bring him to wear….I asked…a flannel? He replied yes, so a flannel was all I packed. After spending an hour driving from Santa Monica to downtown (bad traffic! I’m guessing due to the King’s game?) I pulled up in front of his office and called for him to come down- five minutes later, Brian walked up to the car and my mouthed dropped. He was wearing shorts (army fatigues, no less), flip-flops and a neon striped t-shirt (who would wear this outfit anyway)?!

It took us a few minutes to explain our two sides. He thought I saw what he was wearing in the morning and also thought when I asked “flannel”, that I meant a “flannel type outfit ensemble”. I said when I asked flannel, I meant flannel and he should have specified PANTS and SHOES. Downtown date night was a bust. He was adamant about not going to the event in shorts and flip-flops and I couldn’t argue with that.

But rather than fight about it, we decided to go with the flow and go back home to Santa Monica so Brian could change his outfit and we could go out on our date. The evening ended up being one of the best date nights we’ve had in a while. So what we weren’t downtown…we were with each other. We went to one of our favorite local restaurants, Freddy Smalls, sat at the bar, ate way too much food and tried a few of their amazing cocktails.

Two years in and Brian is still my favorite person to spend a Saturday night with.

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8 Apr

A Thai feast with my ladies to celebrate the birth of one of my favorite people was the perfect way to end a lovely holiday weekend.


1 Apr


Considering today is Papa Irv’s birthday, I thought it would be the perfect time to write his “People That I Love” post- because I really love him.

It was only a few years ago that Irv waltzed into my life and I am so damn thankful he did. He has been a HUGE, DELIGHTFUL and unexpected addition to my life. I’ll never forget when my mother told me she had “met somebody special”. I was floored. She had been single for a long time (I don’t mean it like that. She’s a hot number but she’s very picky) and I wasn’t sure if she would find love again. To tell you the truth, she didn’t seem all that interested in it either.

But, as always, the universe likes to surprise you when you least expect it.

I’ll make the story quick. My mom stopped at her neighborhood coffee shop to grab a latte and ran into her friend Susan. Susan happened to be having coffee with Irv. Irv and my mother were introduced and after they all said their hello’s she excused herself and Irv said to Susan, who is SHE?! Is she single? And…I love her haircut. He loved her haircut?! This always crakes me up! It’s just so Irv to notice her haircut. He’s a man of details.

It wasn’t long after that meeting that they fell in love, moved in together, got married and I garnered myself a new parental unit (at 28). Irv and I have developed an incredibly strong bond in a very short time. I feel like he’s been around forever and now can’t fathom him not being in my life. I don’t know what I would do without him! He always shows up for me no matter what I need.

He loves fine things, ceramic bowls, gourmet food, ironed sheets, football, my mother and tequila. He’s one of the most direct and honest people I have ever met and I value his point of view. He gives brilliant advice- it doesn’t matter what the subject is- relationships, money, business, how to roast a chicken or laundry- Irv’s your man.

Irv was the missing link in our family unit that I didn’t know was missing- when he came in our lives everything clicked. The way he loves and supports my mother, my brother and me is a gift. We all got very lucky that day Irv noticed my mom’s great haircut.

I love you Papa Irv.

Happy Birthday!!!!!


22 Mar


Considering Rachel and I are embarking on our crazy, beautiful, fun journey across the USA in a few short weeks, it seemed like the perfect time to write my Rachel “People That I Love” post because working with her on this project has reminded me how much I adore her. Among the women I call my dear-dear-dear friends, Rachel is the newest addition. I am amazed by what an important energy she has become in my life in two short years.

I guess I should tell you how we met because it’s kind of funny and serendipitous story! I was in a rough spot in my life and in need of a change and I decided that Venice was where I wanted to live- that Venice was the answer to all my problems. I may have been oversimplifying my life a bit at the time but go with me on this.

I had a list of things I wanted my new magical, life-changing home to include- I wanted it to have hardwood floors, be bright, feel cheerful and have outdoor space. I quickly learned that this is hard to find in Venice unless you want to spend $5,000 a month- which I didn’t. I was about to lose hope when I stumbled upon a Craigslist ad- female in her 20’s, with a house, with hardwood floors, looking for a roommate. I liked the sound of this! I clicked on the ad, saw pictures of the house and knew it was my new home. I could feel it in my bones. It was my home. I took it a step further (as I usually do) and looked up the girl renting the house on Facebook- and guess what…I loved everything about her as well! I am starting to sound like a stalker, huh? But, I swear it wasn’t like that! Think what you want.

So I sent this random girl renting a magical, life-changing house in Venice, who seemed to be fabulous via her facebook account, an email letting her know I was really interested in the place. I shared a bit about myself- I work in fashion…I was from LA…blah blah blah. I decided not to share that I was a writer, host, blogger at the time because I thought that might make her wary of my ability to pay rent. So I went with my other career at the time- fit model for fashion labels. I hit send and smiled with excitement! I had found my home!

Then, a funny thing happened…I heard nothing back from my new home…days went by…I re-checked my outgoing emails to make sure it sent…It did…I re-sent it thinking something must have happened in email space because otherwise she would have responded by now! But nothing and then the ad disappeared.

Another two months went by and I still hadn’t moved. I was drinking tea, still hating my current home and searching craigslist for places in Venice and then it happened- I saw my magical, life-changing home in Venice for rent again!! I was terribly excited but then the excitement wore off and I thought, why didn’t she respond the first time? Asshole. But, in true Kate fashion I still reached out (I have since gotten over this need to be liked) and re-sold myself again via email and this time it worked! I got a response!

To make a long story short (I missed that opportunity already, huh?) Rachel and I met, she rented me the room in her house and we have been friends ever since. Rachel has since admitted to me that she first ignored my emails because she thought- ugh a girl who’s from LA, who works in fashion…yuck. 


Over the last two years Rachel and I have shifted from roommates to friends, moving into a more interesting, thoughtful and connected friendship every day. I value her support (she shows up for me no-matter what kind of melt-down I’m having or what she has going on), creative energy (she’s probably one of the most talented photographers I know…she can create something beautiful out of nothing), kindness (I honestly can’t think of an un-kind she has every often can you say that about somebody?) and advice more than she may know. She has become family.

I trust her with everything and anything and I don’t doubt for a second that she has my best interest in mind at all times. She’s “got my back” as the saying goes.

Rachel is a goofy, loving, happy and positive force of energy.  She’s one of those rare people who really embraces life. She instills magic into everything she does. She’s a delightful person to laugh with, work with, cook with, work-out with,  play with, drink with, cry with and be in silence with.

I count my lucky stars that she came into my life (thanks craigslist!) because I am better for it and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect person to drive across the country with.

Adventure awaits.


19 Mar


When I was 12 years old, my mom dropped a bomb on me- I was going to become a sister. What? But I like being the only child I wanted to scream! Why didn’t anybody run this by me first?! Once I did come to terms with the fact that a baby was coming into my life and that  sadly it wouldn’t be all about me anymore, I started to get excited!! A baby was coming to live with us! What a novelty. None of my  friends were getting new babies in their families (it’s most definitely a perk to divorce and 2nd marriages) and I felt pretty special!!

I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. He was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen and I immediately fell in love with him. He was mine! He was my brother and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. My mother wanted to name him Harry- I thought that was a terrible idea. Harry?? I didn’t like the idea of having a brother named Harry (ugh the problems of a 12-year-old). It wasn’t in my plan so I told her I thought he should be named Nikolas because I thought he looked like a Nikolas. I must have been pretty convincing because I got my way. Enter in Nikolas….aka Nikster.

Over the last 17 years, Nik has gone from being my cute little brother with crazy gorgeous curls, who had crushes on my girlfriends and a thing for belly buttons, dinosaurs, airplanes and yugioh cards, to one of my best friends. Seriously, this kid is interesting- way more interesting than most 17 year olds. He’s so smart, creative, witty and funny. I am constantly wowed by him. Talk about talented- Nik is amazing with a camera. He’s been making films for years and most recently created his own youtube channel for his funny videos. One of them has over 600,000 views! How crazy is that- my brother is a you tube star. But it’s not the numbers that impress me most but rather his drive. Nik is the most driven and talented kid I know.

I feel lucky to be his sister. My life is richer because of him. I think he knows that I would do anything for him. I would drive to the ends of the earth to make his dreams come true because I take being his sister very seriously.


27 Feb

Brian’s birthday weekend was absolutely perfect- Friday night we went out for a quiet sushi dinner just the two of us..then we cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie.

Saturday night we had dinner with friends to celebrate followed by drinks with even more friends. I think it’s safe to say that Brian felt the love! We also ate the most delicious chocolate cake from Sweet Lady Jane for dessert. I die for the cakes from Sweet Lady Jane! If you have never tried one…you must.

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Sunday we lounged around for a bit drinking coffee and then decided to eat leftover chocolate cake for breakfast! Considering Sunday was was Brian’s actual birthday we thought that it was ok to eat cake for breakfast. Why not right? Then we headed to the beach and cuddled up on a blanket for a few hours in the sun…talking, laughing and napping.

The last birthday celebration was with his family Sunday night. We went to The Hungry Cat for dinner and had a raw seafood feast- I have NEVER seen a tray like the one I saw last night! It was so tall that I couldn’t see Brian’s father through most of the meal.

When we got home Brian said that this was one of his favorite birthday’s ever!! Success! He also said that he’s excited to see what the next decade will bring…I couldn’t agree more.


26 Feb

Today is the day my favorite human being was born. Happy Birthday Bri. I am SO happy you were born.


15 Feb

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.”