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18 Mar


 “a portrait of my child, once a week, every week″

Frank: After a wild night of playing with our neighbor’s new puppy Harley……Frank was so damn tired that  he opted not to get out of bed the next morning and play our normal game of “ball…ball…ball”. Instead he lazily watched me get ready for work from the comfort of my bed. 

I am sure avid blog readers know about the series called “project 52” but for those of you who don’t it’s a series where various bloggers photograph their child/children every week for a year. I happen to love this series…I find it so sweet. My two favorites….Bleubird & Small Time Cook. Sooo, considering I happen to think Frank is my firstborn…I thought, why not…you know?

Clearly, he also happens to be insanely photogenic…so…your’e welcome.



such a prince

6 Feb


“Clearly, you don’t understand the gravity of the situation or you wouldn’t be standing there taking pictures and laughing. Get the fucking toy, mom” – Frank Glodney


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4 Feb

I spent the past few days up north visiting my cousin Brooke and her cute kids Kennedy & Jameson. I hadn’t made the trip to visit them in quite a while and I was due. Kennedy welcomed me with loads of hand drawn pictures and gifts. Clearly, she knows the way to my heart.


It was a fun-filled trip but I missed the hell out of Brian and Frank while I was gone. I feel silly even admitting that because it was only a few days but it’s true. I like it better when they are around. When I returned home Sunday night I was greeted by a sweet note from Brian (he was out watching the Super Bowl of course) and a newly painted coral mirror! A very good surprise indeed! Clearly, Brian knows the way to my heart too. Frank on the other hand greeted me aloofly (that boy can hold a grudge) but finally broke down and gave me lots of kisses and cuddles. I think it’s safe to say my family missed me too.

love note


around these parts…

16 Jan


the above picture has nothing to do with this post- I was just compelled to share the cuteness with you all.

I could not be happier that the weekend is almost here. It’s been a bit of a blah week for me. Not for any specific head space has just been BLAH. I think I might finally be coming down from the high of the wedding. I didn’t really have a chance to mourn that it was over because we went straight into the excitement of the holidays. It was a joyful few months and I don’t think I was prepared for it all to end. I’m not saying that life can’t be joyful after the wedding…I’m just saying I’m a little sad it’s over.

Despite my blah mood, I was able to make some progress with a few of my goals this week.

I worked on a travel essay about our trip to Nepal, which I plan on submitting as soon as I finish it (hopefully this weekend).

Brian and I finally settled on our honeymoon destinations- Bali and Vietnam here we come. I just LOVE having a trip to look forward to.

I have my very first date with my little sister, Briana set up for this Sunday. I still have no idea what to do with her…must come up with something…soon.

We’ve also made a lot of progress with our home this week- we picked paint colors, met with a furniture builder and found two killer pieces at the rose bowl flea market this last weekend- a fabulous new turkish rug and mirror for the entryway. The mirror is currently white but I plan to paint it coral this weekend!

Other than the thrilling activity of painting the mirror coral this weekend…I plan to do a bit of cooking (paleo cauliflower soup), reading (finding your own north star), writing (travel essay), organizing (the clutter that has developed in our cabinets is crazy…I was almost killed by a falling juicer the other day) and taking a few walks on the beach with my pup and husband.

Hoping that I will have a little more umpf next week!

On another note…did you see the new header on the blog?! I love it. I just die over Frank’s regal pose. Thank you, One Part Gypsy for creating such a fabulous header for me.


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rough morning

2 Dec


Frank on a better day

This Monday has kicked my ass and it’s only 3pm. After our normal morning family routine…Brian and I wake up…we wake Frank up…we let Frank out to pee…drink coffee while we cuddle and play with Frank in the living room…talk about our days…Brian gets ready for work…Frank and I move to the office…Frank chews his bone…I do emails…Brian leaves for the office. All went according to plan. Brian left for work and Frank and I hung in the office until Frank stole some papers out of the trash can. That boy loves paper and leaves. LOVES. When I finally noticed what he had done he had eaten half an envelope. Sigh. It’s been done before. I started to clean up the paper scraps that littered our living room rug when Frank started vomiting. I immediately assumed he must be choking on paper and tried to look down his throat to see if I could get anything else out. I saw nothing. He threw up again. I pet him and told him it was going to be alright. My heart was racing. What was wrong with him? He started to hack as if he was choking and his breathing became shallow. I picked him up…and he felt warm and heavy. He couldn’t even hold his head up. Something was seriously wrong and I started to cry. I threw on shoes and ran out of the house en route for the hospital. By the time we got in the car he was limp. I called Brian screaming and crying and telling him he had to come home…that I thought Frank was dying. I seriously thought he was going to die on my lap on the way to the vet. That was the longest five minutes of my life. I parked in back and ran in with Frankie in my arms. I’m not even sure if I was making sense. They must have thought I was crazy when I walked in, in tears and dressed in pajamas and no bra. Through my tears I explained that I thought he had choked and wasn’t breathing. They whisked Frank in back to be checked by the doctor while I sat in the waiting room crying. Pleading with God that Frank would be ok. The doctor came out and led me to an examine room and said Frank was stable but was suffering from anaphylactic shock. Did I know of anything strange he had eaten? Did he eat any medicine? Was he exposed to a bee or spider? I kept bringing up the paper he eaten but he assured me this had nothing to do with paper. He led me into the back room to see him. Frank was laying in a little oxygen chamber with an IV. He looked so sad. He explained that he had given Frank a shot of adrenaline to combat the reaction and now he wanted to monitor him to see his response. He told me in the nicest of ways that I should go home and wait for his call. It was so hard to leave him. Frank isn’t just a dog he’s our family and I couldn’t love him more. I can’t stand the thought of loosing him. When Brian got home we searched the house to find the culprit. Brian finally found it…a bee…dead next to one of his piles of throw-up. So there you have it, Frank is not only allergic to bees…he goes into anaphylactic shock when stung by one. SIGH. I’m never going to want him to let him to leave the house again. So many bees outside! After a very stressful morning Frank is going to be ok. I got him to the vet in time and he reacted well to the adrenaline (THANK GOD) and he can even come home in the next hour (CAN”T WAIT). The whole experience has left me completely drained though…and scared of bees.

holiday Frank

25 Nov

Frank looking super cute in his holiday card…

holiday Frank

If you only knew how long it took for us to get this picture. FOREVER.


9 Oct

Ways in which to distract yourself while you are starving…

I’m three days into my five days of “fit into your wedding dress” green juice cleanse and I’m surviving! Truth is, day one is the worst and then it gets a bit easier. By day two I was on a high with all the energy. This doesn’t mean I’m not hungry or that I don’t have to hide in the bathroom while Brian eats his dinner every night…it just means I have more energy. I have found many ways to distract myself from the starvation the last three days….

1- researching Frank’s Halloween costume. Considering this is his first Halloween, I’m very excited. The top contenders…

1234Mario Lopez dresses his dog up as a 'Taco' for Halloween! LA6

thoughts? Any favorites?

2- doing wedding seating…which is a truly painful activity. I’ve had more fun at the dentist but it does pass the time when you are starving.

photo-353- watching television with my boys. All our favorite shows are back!

photo-404- organizing our kitchen to make room for all of our new wedding gifts. Seriously, it’s just insane the amount of fabulous gifts that arrive at our door each day. So blessed.

photo-385) monday night movie dates with my momma and brother. We saw “Gravity” and it was INTENSE. Made me totally forget I was starving and also gave me nightmares.



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around these parts…

1 Aug

I’ve had the best intentions of posting more regularly but life has been crazy. Having a puppy in a non-stop job. The minute I walk through the door I become Frank’s bitch. Probably not the way it’s supposed to go but hey, it’s the truth. I’m a first time mom and Frank has me wrapped around his paw. Every time I sit down at my computer to write Frank either tears something up and I have to chase after him, shits, whines so loud I can’t hear myself think, bites my ankle with his needle teeth or just stares at me with the most pathetic eyes.  After a few hours of this I usually give up around six and turn on “Real Housewives Of Orange County”, pour a glass of wine & play with Frank instead. Clearly, I haven’t found my groove yet. This whole puppy thing may have set Brian and I back a few years with the whole baby thing. Thanks, Frank.  Although the experience has made me realize what a strong team Bri and I will be one day with a baby. I’m also madly in love with our new little family. There really is nothing better than when the three of us are hanging out. Our recent favorite activity is cuddling on the couch while watching “House of Cards” while Frank chews his bone.

When I’m not Frank’s bitch I put on my other hat….wedding extroidinar!! My main focus this week is booking our honeymoon and planning our ceremony/vows. Although with our schedules we’ve had a hard time figuring out either- we may just end up giving each other high fives in place of vows and taking a honeymoon to Catalina. Not like there’s anything wrong with Catalina but, compared to Brazil or Madagascar it falls a bit short.

Last night Bri and I decided to get away from Frank and the wedding by going on a mini weekday date night. One that involved pizza, rose wine and fried doughnut balls with nutella. I think this may have to be a new Wednesday night routine because I’m feeling reenergize today! Happy Thursday.


happiness is…

31 Jul


Guest post by Frank McGlodney

happiness is…

shitting in my mom and dads closet…especially when I can get behind the long dresses and coats

playing with, running with and eating leaves

piling all my toys in my bed (my trainer called it “hoarding” but I call it making sure my things know how special they are)

hiding my bones in corners, shoes and behind pillows

running in circles around the house at full speed for no apparent reason

LEAVES! Wait, did I already mention that?

licking my mom and dads face (and sometimes I throw a bite in there to see if they are paying attention)

peeing on doormats, bathmats and rugs (wee wee pads are so passe´)

saying hi to every dog and every human on every walk

the mailman (I just really like him…what can I say)

my best friends skunkie, piggie, whale and weasel…and guys if you’re reading this, that was in no particular order, ok?

cuddles (but only if I’m in the mood because if I’m not then step off)



Frank, is that you?

30 May

Guys, huge news over here- I think I may have found FRANK! After months of seriously researching breeders and let’s face it years of dreaming of owning a French Bulldog, I stumbled upon this little fella and I’ve fallen in love…via pictures. He’s been too little to visit in person so instead I’ve developed an unhealthy email relationship with his breeder. But, the time has come for us to meet in person this weekend. The excitement is truly getting to be too much for me to handle. I even bought him a Mexican woven  dogleash on Etsy the other night. When Brian learned of my purchase he looked at me with that look again. The one that tells me he thinks I’m insane. Whatever. The dog needs a leash. Luckily, reason washed over me before I hit “buy” on a two hundred-dollar dog bed. Brian on the other hand has been preparing for Frank’s arrival by researching pet insurance. I mean, the differences in our personalities are astounding, huh? At least we are preparing for him from all angles. So if all goes according to my grand plan we will fall in love with Frank in person this weekend and put a deposit down! Then he will get to come home late June! FINGERS CROSSED!



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