date day : 6. 14. 14

14 Jun

Since returning from our honeymoon our schedules have been busy…Brian is back to working 10 hour days, I’m back to work as well (although I’ve never worked a 10 hour day. The joys of freelancing), our calendars have been packed with family & friends and we have been working on a new business plan together. All good things but after a month of downtime where our  only concern each day was….what should we eat for dinner? What cocktail do you want? Do you want to nap in the hotel room or by the pool? 

Coming back to the frenetic pace of life has been an adjustment for us both. Not to mention we both miss spending all day, every day together. Sounds cheesy I know, but it’s true. We happen to really enjoy each other. With that said, we have been missing each other since we got back. Enter in….DATE DAY!

We’ve been sitting on massage gift certificates as well as a gift certificate to The Tasting Kitchen since our wedding. Cool gifts, eh? So we decided it was a perfect time to utilize them and a Saturday date day was in action. After sleeping in till 9am…unheard of in our house due to Frankie being an early riser but miracles do happen and homeboy slept in today. Once we were awake, Brian delivered a cuddly Frankie and a hot cup of coffee to me in bed (a usual routine on the weekends). It’s my favorite way to start the day.


After family coffee time we headed to Montana (the street, not the state for you non-Los Angeles readers) to get massages…Frank not included of course, although I’m sure he would have been into it. It was heaven and so needed. Thanks, Mary!

The massage left us very hungry so it was perfect timing for brunch. We made the five-minute drive to the super hip and always trendy Abbott Kinney Blvd and to The Tasting Kitchen equipped with messy massage hair that I am sure made us look like we just rolled out of bed – we fit right in with all the hispters. Aren’t we super super hip and cool? We were lucky enough to snag a corner table on the patio. Winning! First up..brunch cocktails of course. I went with the “moped on the freeway”- which consisted of gin, lemon, mead & pineapple (delicious!) and Brian went with a classic bloody mary.




We both ended up ordering exactly the same thing for brunch, “steak and eggs”…medium rare on the steak and over medium on the eggs, naturally. The dish was beyond tasty. We both cleaned our plates. The Tasting Kitchen always delivers- it’s a small menu but everything is always cooked to perfection.


After filling our bellies to capacity we strolled sunny Abbott Kinney and purchased Frank a new collar at Modern Dog, a baby gift for friends at Kid Firefly and father’s day cards at our favorite card store Urbanic Paper Boutique.


It was the perfect date day with my lover and ps…I think Frank likes his new collar.



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  1. hunting for bliss June 15, 2014 at 9:48 am #

    I love whole day dates!!

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