9 Dec


This past weekend was utter perfection. Starting with Friday night…I cooked dinner for Brian and I and we had a cozy night in. This time of year all I EVER want to do is have a cozy nights in. Could I say COZY more? Probably not. The menu…spicy red pepper pasta with sausage. The recipe didn’t call for sausage but I’m no fool…I know who I married. The recipe did call for breaking out my new food processor though and that felt terribly exciting. Have I mentioned I could start a restaurant over here with all the kitchen goods we received for our wedding. It’s madness! Loving the food processor though.


Saturday we met our friend Anya for a rainy morning brunch in South Pasadena. It was nice to get out of our hood and explore a new part of town. After brunch the rain cleared and we decided to hit the christmas tree lot in search of Bert III (for those of you who don’t know we name our tree Bert every year) After a bit of searching we stumbled upon the most perfect tree. He’s also an upgrade from the 1 foot tree we could house in our last apartment. After filling my belly with huevos rancheros and conquering the tree lot all I wanted to do when we got home was curl up on the couch and watch TV but sadly we had no power. I swear, LA in the rain = mayhem. But it ended up being nice…Brian and I read magazines and played with Frankie for a few hours. Then it was time to dress up and head to his work holiday party and they never disappoint. This year it was circus themed, complete with performers and held at the historic Bolero Theatre downtown. We only stayed two hours (we’re so old and boring now!) but it was a total trip.


Sunday…well Sunday was the MOST perfect of them all. We pretty much stayed in our pj’s all day other than a trip to the market to get ingredients for our chili and spiced wine recipes. Oh and the hour we spent with a furniture builder at our house talking about how to build a bigger island in the kitchen. It was a cozy day spent cooking, drinking and decorating Bert III. Side note- I am beyond surprised by Franks response to our tree. I was terrified he would bark at incessantly (have you ever seen the video of him with the vacuum?), eat it (homeboy loves plants) or pee on it. Instead he’s warmed up to it quite nicely…deciding to only bother it when he wants to drink water..deciding to drink water from its basin ONLY now since it has arrived. Whatever.





There was something so very special about Sunday. It felt like my heart was going to burst…decorating our first tree as a married couple, in our first home with our little puppy. I’m grateful. So grateful.


3 Responses to “perfection”

  1. Chantal December 9, 2013 at 7:22 pm #

    It makes me so happy to read the blog and just stay abreast of the new life as newlywed’s! to a great new year for the Glodney’s and maybe a hum,,,hum,, baby meant, Frank, baby Frank of course!

  2. hunting for bliss December 11, 2013 at 6:16 am #

    looks like a blissful weekend! glad you are soaking it all in after having so much stress last week!

  3. amelie88 December 14, 2013 at 5:20 pm #

    Pretty sure our dog also drank from the tree’s basin when he was younger. He also used our old tree stand as a pillow and would sleep under the tree (who knew those things were comfortable?!). Loving the hats you and Brian wore to his company party!

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