12 Aug

I feel like the days have been spinning by and I never have one thought long enough to turn it into a post. Call me crazy but I prefer when posts have a point and focus, you know? Considering my head has had neither a point or a focus lately I’m not quite sure what I expect…clearly, a miracle.

So instead of write a post with a point I’ve decided to write this.



Frank got sick. It started with some funny coughing and hacking noises. Then he started sneezing and then there were green boogers. As stupid as this may sound…I really didn’t know that dogs got colds. I know they get worms, stomach bugs and a million other things…but colds? I guess I never thought about it. It’s just so silly when he sneezes and needs to blow his nose. So human like. Well once I noticed that he was indeed sick I quickly and dramatically rushed him to the vets office on Friday. I’m sure making it very apparent to all the nurses and doctors at Bay Cities that I’m a first time mom.  When the doctor came in she did a thorough exam of Frank. Coming to the conclusion that he had a respiratory infection as well as a yeast infection in his ears. Please take a moment to add “yeast infection in the ears” to the list of things I didn’t know dogs got either. One hour and four hundred dollars later we wear headed home with antibiotics and ear wash. Yay.


Saturday morning we spent hours going over sample wedding ceremonies that our wedding planner sent us in the hopes of finding ideas we wanted to pull for our own. It was an interesting few hours…we covered every emotion imaginable.  It went something like this….we ate cheeries….fought over whether or not we would write  our own vows….laughed so hard over the idea of lighting unity candles and pouring sand into a jar together….agreed on a few readings that we both want in our ceremony…Brian complained that he thought he was coming down with the flu….I randomly cried because I got all mushy over the thought of standing up there getting married. We ate some more cherries. We probably made it through about a 1/4 of it before throwing in towel for lunch.

Saturday afternoon our wedding planner came over for a 3/12 hour marathon meeting. We covered everything from the order in which our bridal party will walk down the aisle to when we will allow speeches. It was an eye-opening experience. So many details. Details. Details. Details. After she left Brian quickly curled into a ball on the couch to nap. We had big plans to hit the town that night for a birthday party but Brian really did come down with a stomach bug so instead we stayed in and watched “House Of Cards”.

It’s been pretttttty exciting around here.


3 Responses to “lately….”

  1. rachel August 13, 2013 at 8:13 am #

    I’m so glad to hear it’s not just me! Ive been feeling sooooo absent this week. Can’t tell if a minute has passed or an hour. In a dream world and not connecting to the space or people around me– what is up with that?? Any astrology-inclined readers around here?? Although you said this post has no point or focus… it hits home for me!

  2. the usual bliss August 13, 2013 at 10:16 am #

    I’m SO glad you have a planner. This is the tricky time of wedding planning but as you get closer, your planner will have all the details in control and you can be the luminous bride.
    Poor Frank! It’s amazing how fast the dollars fly out of your wallet at the vet’s office. Hang in there, Kate! xx

  3. Erin Haslag (@erinhaslag) August 13, 2013 at 11:27 am #

    HUG!!! ‘House of Cards’ & naps are always a good idea. I am thankful for a healthy dog … I had the $500 week earlier this year. sigh!

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