Rachel to Kate

7 Jul

This is a birthday letter to you but also to your blog. What started as a way to fully make the most of everyday evolved into having an energy of its own, and brought you on its journey with it. And in the process it brought me on it too, allowing me to get to know you better as a friend and as a person.
From adventures with chicken to adventures across the country, it’s been as much fun getting to know you more in person as it has been online:
Your determination for this project, savviness in the professional world, your thoughtfulness, and all the hilarious bits of your past and present that fill the gaps in between– these are things I only know from being a reader.
So happy birthday my dear friend and happy birthday blog. I have loved being a part of it all and love that this is just the beginning!
Light and love now and always.
Xoxo R

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