Brooke to Kate

7 Jul

My Sweet Kate… I haven’t a clue where to begin. I can say that to be loved by you, is to be loved wholly. In fact, for those of us who have had the privilege of your love; it is without condition. In my experience, this is a rarefied love, usually reserved for Mothers and their children. I am not always the easiest person to handle. At a particularly trying time in my life; I lashed out at you (even though you had nothing to do with my unrest). Instead of being defensive or putting me in my place, you said simply, ‘I Love You, Brookie.’ It was all I needed in that moment to feel safe and sane. You were wise enough to detach your ego and diffuse my hurt. I will always be grateful to know that I have you in my life. The perseverance and tenacity that you have shown in these last few years is remarkable. The fact that you believe in your vision, yet are willing to amend it, is truly an inspiration to me. You do your best, then are willing to let go for the ride- whatever that may be. You are adventurous, without being careless. You want to experience all of life, even the sticky parts. You are willing to put your whole heart into a project (or person), outcome unknown. You are brave and strong and strikingly beautiful. I am amazed by your talent, and inspired by your action. You give me the courage to believe in my own dreams. Kate, my love, you are a gift to me. I am so happy to know that you’ve been a gift to others as well, throughout the course of this; your amazingly brilliant twenty-ninth year!


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