Maggi to Kate

6 Jul


dearest kate,

only a few more days til 30!!!  i can’t believe it – i bet you can’t either!

you’ve grown in leaps and bounds this year.  you have shown me and the world what it’s like to have dreams and goals and follow them, no matter how scared or excited you were.  you took some major big risks and each one paid off.  maybe not always the way you would have wanted, but always with extra twists and surprises.   the way you have stayed focused and followed through is incredibly inspiring.

i remember a letter you got from one of your readers – she felt uplifted and inspired every time you met one of your challenges.  i can’t help but imagine that through you, her life is changed … and through her, other lives are changed.  you have a profound effect on your readers and they will in turn, have a profound effect on those around them.  i love this ripple effect!

you’ve met challenging situations with grace.  kate, you are thoughtful in the way you write about your experiences – whether it’s about a new recipe, a big challenge, or one of the many people you love.  you honestly and humorously share with us your reality, even when it may not feel good.  i appreciate and love you so much for that.

i know that you will keep sharing with us and you will continue to inspire and motivate us.

welcome to this new decade kateala!!  it’s gonna be the best ride ever!

much love,



One Response to “Maggi to Kate”

  1. fivereflections July 6, 2012 at 8:55 pm #

    very very very nice…

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