Aunt Paule to Kate

6 Jul

kate, dearest……

thinking of you on your 30th birthday conjures up happy memories of the past

twenty-plus years since you came into my life.

you were a sweet, pretty, charming, bright, delightful, lovely little girl who

was winning in so many ways……and you still are all of that and more.

through the years i watched you grow from adorable child to a beautiful, gracious,

warm-hearted, intelligent, sensitive and creative young woman who cares deeply

about family, friends, the earth and everything around you.   your essence shines

through your writing, your photography, your vision and your hard work in every-

thing you do.

you are a star in my universe…..your glow fills me up…..your light brightens

my days.

thank you for including me in your thoughts and sending me so much

love continually.

david joins me in wishing you the happiest of birthdays today and all those to

follow for many years to come

so much love to you,

auntie paule





One Response to “Aunt Paule to Kate”

  1. jmsabbagh July 6, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    Happy birthday Kate.Wishing the best of everything your heart desires.Many,Many, Many, more.Jalal Michael

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