16 Mar

I had kinda an off day yesterday but I woke up this morning and I decided that today is going to be different. Today is going to be a fabulous day! I have been sitting on the couch since 6am this morning sipping coffee, listening to the light drips of rain and watching the sky light up. There is nothing I enjoy more than quiet mornings.

Today Rachel and I will be working on our road trip…with a yoga class thrown in at some point. A perfect start to a weekend if you ask me- road trips and yoga! It’s supposed to rain all weekend, which means I will most likely hole up and write/work in my house and not feel bad about it. Although I am getting out tomorrow in the  late afternoon for drinks with the Irish side of my family- that includes my 89-year-old grandma.

Hope you guys have a beautiful weekend!

2o things that have been making me happy recently…

1. I loved this essay- A Place to Lay My Heart – “And with this man, I saw, I wouldn’t be tied down so much as tied together”

2. spending an afternoon on a date with myself

3. “Fuck your child size Eames rocking chair.” – My favorite line from this tumblr.

4. “Her favorite”

5. Jasmine scented lotion…omg it smells like heaven! Thanks J

6. the notes I received after this post…thanks.

7. this line from one of the letters I received (from a stranger) after the tango post- “Screw the tango, dance with your heart, it’s a better dance. I’m glad I’m following you.”

8. a  session with Maggi…more on that in a later post…

9. a 6:30 am boot camp class with Rachel…it wasn’t the laps we had to run that brought me joy but the laughter that ensued while attempting to do them.

10. Blood, Bones & Butter – I’m looooving you. I don’t want you to end!

11. The look on Brian’s face when he saw the space that will house his photography exhibit next weekend.

12. this ridiculous picture of a French bulldog that I found. I can almost  hear him say-“Move along…there’s nothing to see here. “

13. A love ninja goes global – this blog makes me want to pack up and travel the world…just because

14. a yummy dinner at Terroni

15. researching New Orleans…there’s so much I want to see/do while I’m there!

16. randomly stumbling  upon a ballet class…and watching

17. grilled calamari salads

18. spooning

19. watching the sun rise (while at the ridiculously early boot camp on Wednesday)

20. this quote- “To live a creative life, we must loose our fear of being wrong”- Joseph Chilton Pearce

What’s been making you guys happy recently???? 


3 Responses to “114”

  1. gregorychankins March 16, 2012 at 9:50 am #

    Kate, I’m more than touched that you included my words in your list. I suppose I was trying to tell myself something with them as well. But that’s often the case, isn’t it?

    Incidentally, I too am looking forward to reading about your road trip to New Orleans, and the places you touch on along the way. I hope to make it there myself one day. I often think of New Orleans as a place a place where the music has aroma and food has melody. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your experiences

  2. barbarapotter March 17, 2012 at 4:45 am #

    What is making Me Happy Recently:

    Well let’s see. I am in bed waiting for my knee replacement so things are a little different so here we go:

    Meeting my surgeon in Bakersfield on Thursday. Dr. Ferro He is so sweet. Jack and I fell in love with him. That means a lot. Also he is going to try to set my surgery up early April if possible so I can get my 3 months recovery in so I can go to Italy/France July 1st. Yay!!! We will go to Arroyo Grande to get it done

    Reading your fun blog.

    My two kitties keeping me company

    My sweet, sweet husband

    Seeing my girls manifesting their dreams

    Of course my daily phone calls from my grandson Blaise. “Hey Mom.” Love he calls me mom. (Rachel is mommy:)

    Little things from friends that are sweet- Stacy Small went to Whole Foods in LA and bought Gluten Free Matzoh (so dangerously good ) and mailed them to me inTehachapi. (Made with Tapioca one of my favs)

    Laughing at my silver roots coming in like crazy and thinking I may go silver and not color it brown. Never thought I would do that.

  3. Subhan Zein March 18, 2012 at 3:25 am #

    I love your new sanctuary! It’s refreshing and vibrant! 🙂

    Great job!! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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