24 Feb


What Inspired me this week?

As I mentioned in an early post, I attended a Tony Robbins seminar many many many years ago and fell in love him. So when I heard that Oprah was doing a special on Tony Robbins this week, I knew I had to see it and last night I finally did. Of course it was exactly what I needed to hear after yesterday’s post. Love when that happens! Great three minute excerpt from it-

What am I grateful for this week?


My friend Taline for teaching me how to make a Mexican feast! Post coming soon!

What surprised me this week?

This heartfelt mention of 365 til 30 on a great blog called Itsakoolife 


“You can be grateful and fearful simultaneously”

Tony Robbins


One Response to “135”

  1. itsakoolife February 24, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    Okay, that is so sweet! Now YOU have surprised ME! Thank you, my friend! (insert blushing cheeks here)

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