1 Feb

This is the post where I say I had one of those days yesterday and everybody can feel bad for me. Actually I really don’t want your pity but I also don’t want to write a post about rainbows and pretend I had a glowing day either. Somehow I have managed to be sick again! How, in God’s name, is that possible, I ask myself?? I was just sick six weeks ago! Considering Brian isn’t sick, I’m not sure who to blame for this but ,trust me, I blame somebody- i’m just not sure who yet. When I am sick all my concerns and problems always feel bigger and more annoying and it becomes hard for me to tell what’s really bothering me because everything is exhausting, even waiting for the teapot to boil. So when I got home from work, I texted Maggi (my aunt, my friend, my life coach and general Kate emotional fire putter outer) everything (it was like 3 pages) that was hard about my day coupled with my worries.

She wrote this back…

“Move into some good self-care. If your little girl came home and told you she was feeling sick, anxious, tired, etc, you would hold her, give her a bath, give her comfy pj’s and make her spaghetti with butter (or something she loves!)”

I don’t have a little girl but I just loved this. How sweet and strange to protect and care for yourself as if you were your own child.

So I took her advice ( I mean she’s my life coach and all…I kinda have to) I turned off my computer, lit a candle, put my sweat pants on, curled up on the couch, called in a chicken cafe salad order (to Brian who was on his way home from work…thanks B!) and watched old Sex & The City episodes…problems solved!!!

Not. A. Care. In. The. World.


“Worrying is imagining that which you don’t want.”



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