30 Jan


Alison and I met in the 7th grade and I was instantly wowed, impressed and jealous of her big, bold and brazen personality…even a little scared. She was the kinda kid who would say whatever was on her mind- I found that a bit scary and unpredictable but I also knew I liked it and I wanted to be her friend. Lucky for me she took to me too and we became fast friends. We even began to refer to each other as 233- which stood for bff (best friends forever) on a keypad. Aren’t we brilliant?? We certainly thought so. Eighteen years later and she’s still my 233. As we have grown our friendship has only gotten deeper and more interesting. I am amazed that we have managed to stay as close as we are through all the years, life changes and distance (she lives in NYC now).

We couldn’t have chosen more different paths in life. I went for the  “go with the flow” approach to life. Taking this approach has led me on some crazy detours…like the time I moved to St.Thomas after three months because I had fallen in love. Brilliant move huh? When that love affair fell apart guess where I went? I flew my ass to New York from St. Thomas to climb in to her bed for a few days and cry. Feeling that low, there was no other person I would have rather been with.

Alison on the other hand has always known exactly what she wanted from the very beginning and she has always stayed on course. After graduating college, she decided to build a life in New York City. Starting at an entry-level job and working her way up to where she is now- the youngest VP I know. She’s pretty impressive. She is the most complicated (in the best possible way) woman I know. She’s wildly intelligent, fiercely loyal and insanely funny.  I am impressed with how she has managed to maintain her softness while becoming the powerful woman she is today.

Ali is the person who pushed me to do 365 til 30. She was the person I was sitting with days before my 29th birthday complaining about my life because she’s the kind of person who gives you the freedom to fall apart in front of her without having to feel embarrassed. I think back to that day and I get a little choked up. With out her I wouldn’t have done this project and I am forever thankful for her, our friendship and that day.

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