5 Jan


Teacher: My friend Manuk- a lovely, talented, ambitious, funny and creative soul who happens to know his way around the kitchen

Dish : Chicken Schnitzel

Location: Manuk’s Casa

When Manuk first told me he had a great Schnitzel recipe to teach me I was excited. I thought a schnitzel was a pretzel, so I imagined us making big German pretzels all afternoon. I was surprised to learn that schnitzel has nothing to do with pretzels and everything to do with fried meat. Sadly this meant I had to handle raw chicken again. Sadly this also meant that Manuk got to see first hand how crazy I really am. When he saw me handle the raw chicken for the first time he looked at me with bewilderment and said “Why are you holding the chicken like that? Grab the damn chicken Kate!! Don’t be afraid of the chicken!” “But I hate raw chicken” I cried back! That was only the beginning. When it was time to pound the chicken flat he pulled out a plastic shopping bag from a random drawer and put the chicken inside it. I almost died. By now, you should all know that I think raw chicken is to be feared. Now add in a mystery plastic bag that was going to house the raw chicken while being pounded and my fear reached a new level. I felt compelled to chime in with…”Manuk, can we put saran wrap over the chicken? We don’t know where that bag has been.” I quickly learned this was the wrong thing to chime in with. He shot me a playful (up for interpretation) look and told me if I was so worried about it to make sure I wrote “use a SUPER clean plastic bag” on my blog for my readers then. Point taken Kate, go with the flow and the follow the rules of another’s kitchen. So, I decided to keep my mouth shut moving forward and I was happy that I did because Manuk’s chicken schnitzel is damn tasty!!! It didn’t even matter that it had been pounded flat in a mystery plastic bag!

His Schnitzel recipe will make you new friends. Trust me. People will love you.

Thank you so much Manuk for spending an afternoon teaching me your Schnitzel recipe!! Sorry I was so strange about the raw chicken…I’m totally working on this.

{READERS: feel free to forego the mystery plastic bag and wrap your raw chicken in saran wrap}

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Organic chicken

Olive Oil

Progresso bread crumbs

Grated Parmesan Cheese





-Put bread crumbs,cheese and dill in bowl and mix together/ Cut fat off of chicken/ Cut into strips/ Put 2-3 eggs in bowl/ put flour in bowl/ Drop chicken strip in flour bowl & then egg bowl/then place chicken strip in mix/ Once they are covered in the mix…fry the chicken strips in olive oil on medium heat until cooked

Easy enough right?


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