30 Dec


What a perfect week. I haven’t really worked (joy), done a bunch of yoga (always makes me a more agreeable person to be with), gone on many fun dinner dates with Brian (who has also had the week off), watched 3 movies (The Hangover, The Help and Thelma & Louis), slept till 9 every day and read 100 magazines (which I bought to cut up to vision board). I am feeling SO calm, rested, thankful, happy and zen- a very good frame of mind to go into 2012 with! This weekend should be fun. Tonight we are going to stay in and I am going to make a stew from a recipe I found in one of my new cookbooks. Tomorrow we are going to a Laker game during the day with family and then we will be ringing in the New Year with our nearest and dearest Rachel and PJ. Love those two! Sunday our plans involve NOTHING. Last year we sat around and watched movies while eating a bunch of deli stuff (bagels, lox and chocolate cigars)…oh and mimosas of course! This year we plan to do the exact same exact thing!!!


-What Inspired me this week?-

I love love love Life By Me and I loved this post

I found this article interesting

Vision boarding!!!

-What am I grateful for this week?-

Having such a joyful and spirited family to spend the holidays with.

Time to reflect

My health


Manuk for teaching me his Schnitzel! (recipe coming soon)

The banana cream pie with bacon at A Frame. Dear lord was it good!! I didn’t want to order it but I was so thankful Brian did.

-What surprised me this week?-

A day after serving my amazing Kugel at the holiday party, I received this email from Aunt Paule

i finally got on the kugel blog……..i think your mom sent it to me a week or so ago,
but it seemed they never came onto to my screen.   don’t know what that was about.
thanks for sending it.   it’s fun to review our kugel-day-in-santa-barbara!
the only problem (?) is that when you wrote the recipe,  there was no sour cream listed!!!
i wonder if you put sour cream in yesterday’s kugel…..it tasted like it was there.   it was truly
yummy and just like my mother and grandmother made it.   honey, you must be jewish!!
everyone loved loved loved it……..a huge hit indeed.
* If you are wondering…I did not put sour cream in it. Totally skipped over that ingredient. I can’t believe I screwed it up!!! I guess my Kugel wont have sour cream  in it. I’m going to stand strong on this! I also LOVED hearing her say…honey you must be Jewish!
“At this moment, am i drawing to remember or to erase”

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