22 Dec

 { Christmas Frank }

I cannot believe Christmas is upon us! Today is my last day with appointments and then I begin my 4 days of total relaxation. Well, that may not be true but 4 days off from any work nonetheless. I’m sure Christmas is going to be a whirlwind! Not only do I have two sets of families to visit on my side but now I have Brian’s family to visit too. SO many families to celebrate the holidays with! I will most likely be spending Christmas day in my car driving to see them all. I also have to make my first holiday Kugel for a party on Monday. Aunt Paule called me to ask if I felt ready to make this year’s holiday Kugel and I took the challenge. I just hope I don’t screw it up because people really look forward to her Kugel.

I plan on doing wordless posts the next 4 days and simply posting photos from the days to tell the story. Hope you like them and hope you  have a beautiful weekend with your family.

Be back to posting words on Tuesday!!


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