16 Dec
 What a happy week!
On Tuesday night Brian was acting very weird when he came home from work. I was in the kitchen trying to get dinner ready and he kept staring at me. Just standing in the kitchen doorway and staring at me. I hate that.  It took a lot of restraint to not ask him “What the hell is wrong with you?”- only because I thought it might be a bit aggressive. So instead I just stared back at him. After a few minutes he finally blurted out flatly…I got the promotion at work. Just like that as if he was telling me he picked up eggs at the market. He cracks me up! Anyway, it was a happy night in our house. I am so damn excited for him. There is nobody who deserves it more. To celebrate his big promotion we went out for steak and martini’s on a Tuesday night! Aren’t we crazy?!
 In other news…our camping trip got cancelled this weekend. It’s a long story but we have planned a new adventure! We are heading to Joshua Tree with our friends Mike and Loni to stay at Pioneertown. How ridiculous huh?! Hopefully this becomes a great memory and not a “what were we thinking” memory. I think there may even be line dancing at the local bar Saturday night. OY. Sadly, I will not have internet access for the weekend…meaning I won’t be able to blog! Oh jeez what am I going to do?! It’s going to be hard to be away from my life source…hope I don’t have a meltdown.
I’ll be back on Monday!
Here is my recap of things that made me laugh and think this week…
-This is hysterical…why your not married
-I feel this way about life most days…There is a horse in the apple store
-Oh Zooey you really cracked me up with this one…Top 10 tips and tricks for a winter body 
-So strange and so funny…Animals that saw me
-This made me feel a bit emotional…5 regrets of the dying
-Loved this post by Jennifer Pastiloff…Life is simple and Easy
-After reading post 208  my brother texted me -“I’m sorry all that happened to you.” There was something so sweet about this to me. Unsolicited kindness from a 16-year-old boy! He must be in the holiday spirit!
“Listen to the mustn’ts, child. Listen to the don’ts. Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me … Anything can happen, child. Anything can be. “
– Shel Silverstein –

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    […] home. It’s where Brian came home one night as I was cooking dinner and said, “I got the promotion at work“- we dropped everything and went out for steaks and martinis to celebrate. It’s where I […]

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