15 Dec


{ cover by One Part Gypsy }

I’m seriously chomping at the bit to get on the open road! I’m a girl who likes to be on the move and off on a new adventure as often as possible. I have a feeling that I may have to put a stop to this at some point so I can have a big girl life. It seems you can’t settle down and have a family if you are always on the move. What a shame. That’s why it’s on my list of goals before I hit 30!  At the moment the exact details of my drive being sorted out but here are the things I do know…

I want to drive through the southern states this spring (no fun to do it in the snow!)

I’d like different friends to join for the drive when they can.

Ideally I’d like to make the trip in a groovy Airstream trailer– maybe with a big “365 til 30” written on the side of it?? Ok I’m kidding about the logo…I think.

I want to travel around for a month.

I want to stay in as many funny and ridiculous motels as possible

I want to have a beer in a dusty old bar in the middle of nowhere.

I want/need/require a Polaroid camera for the trip ( For some reason my inspiration photos for the trip have a 70’s feel to them and for that reason I have decided a Polaroid camera seems to be the right fit)

I want to hang with locals in every town I visit so I can write about my conversations with them

I’d love to interview every person I meet about what it means to be 30.

and I want lots and lots of good music to carry me through my journey.

Here’s my first compilation mix…


“It wouldn’t be a road trip without these songs”

{click on them to hear}

1. “Sweet Home Alabama” by lynrd Skynrd

2. “Everyday is a winding road” by Sheryl Crow

3. “Drive my car” by The Beatles

4. “Life is a highway” by Tom Cochrane

5. “I’ve been everywhere” Johnny Cash

6. “Paradise City” by Guns n’ Roses

7. “Life in the fast lane” by Eagles

8. “Free Fallin” by Tom Petty

9. “American Girl” by Tom Petty

10. “Hit the road jack” by Ray Charles

11. “Baba O’Riley” by The Who

12. “Born to run” by Bruce Springsten

13. “Turn the page” by Bob Segar

14. “On the road again” by Willie Nelson

15. “Riders of the storm” by The Doors

16. “Running on empty” by Jackson Browne

17. “Truckin” by Grateful Dead

18. “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac

19. “You can’t catch me” by Chuck Berry

20. “Low rider” by War


One Response to “205”

  1. Danielle December 15, 2011 at 2:44 pm #

    Love! I was actually ridiculously lazy and listened to ebooks until my hosts offered their musical inspiration. I did, however, make sure to ask each person I stayed with their favorite song of the moment. All together, it made for a very sentimental “remember that solo road trip I took across the country and how absolutely amazing it was” mix. It still does :).

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