14 Dec


I got lucky when Pamela chose me to be her step daughter. It’s the truth. I got lucky. I was only 3 when my Dad and Pamela met so I can’t remember my life with out her, nor do I want to. She’s been a light in my life and a force of love behind me. She always pushes me to think deeper, stay true to myself and most importantly write about it. She has never and would never let me fall and that has been an amazing gift. It’s not all serious though! There is so much laughter between us. When I was a little girl she used to read me joke books to put me to bed at night. We would laugh so hard our belly’s would hurt. Not only does she help me to find the humor in life but she has always been an advocate for me and I love her for that. I also love her for her beauty, charm, wit, brains and heart. What a seriously cool woman to have in my corner.

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3 Responses to “206”

  1. M. M February 29, 2012 at 11:50 pm #

    My two beautiful girls!!!! What can I say. I have been the recipient of so much of your love, laughter, support and beauty.. I can honestly say that I am the real lucky one!!!!!!!!


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