20 Oct

Why is that when you get what you ask for it always feels different than you imagined? Eight months ago I dreamed of having  free time to write. Begged the universe to somehow make it possible for me to have time to focus on my blog, concepts and freelance writing projects. Nothing sounded better or  more impossible 8 months ago. Somehow over the last 6 months my life has shifted and I now have 3 afternoons a week to work from home and write! I got exactly what I asked for. Obviously it wasn’t just handed to me…I actualized it. But, I have to admit, it feels a tad different than I imagined.

It’s hard to motivate when you work from home! I get sidetracked by straightening up crap around the house, organizing my shoes, making a smoothie, planning my workout schedule for the week (I am amazed that this takes time too but there are so many cool classes), looking at facebook, running an errand….blah blah blah.  Most day’s I actually end up feeling like a stay-at-home girlfriend. Of course I have decided the problem isn’t me it’s my work space. SO I am going to vision board a new workspace and actualize it. In a perfect world it will come faster than 6 months…actually I am going to ask for it to come by January and I want it to be attached to a beautiful little house by the beach.

“If you can dream it, Kate, we can do it. Notice the “you” and “we” bits, and where they apply?”


The Universe


My note from the universe today


2 Responses to “261”

  1. rachel October 20, 2011 at 9:05 am #

    I’m with ya babe! And can’t wait to work with you in your space, however it manifests 🙂 also….love the “go!” ❤

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