10 Oct

Last night while organizing my workspace I found all the dvd’s from a show I hosted almost 7 years ago called “Night Guide” and I ended up watching a few episodes. It made me nostalgic and it put me in a crappy mood. I longed for the time in my life where I was totally and utterly carefree. I never worried about the future. I never worried about responsibilities. I never did anything but have fun. I remember thinking at the time that everything would always be easy. Money would always be coming and I would never have to worry about a thing. I was also a size 0 without any effort. I wouldn’t necessarily want to go back in time (it wasn’t always fun) but I still felt envy towards my 23 year old past self and it put me in a weird mood…i’m sure a mood Brian wished he wasn’t present for. It sent me on a bit of a pity party. I found myself complaining to Brian about everything that was wrong in my life. I think it ended with “I am going to be 30 in 9 months and I have a wrinkle on my forehead.” Sniffle…sniffle…sigh…poor me.

He looked at me and said…

Think babe when you do turn 30 we will be living in a new house, you will speak French fluently, have driven across the USA, be able to cook, gone camping half a dozen times (considering I have only camped once this gave me pause) and Frank will be by your side. This made me smile.

So take that 23 year old, totally carefree size 0 Kate…I’m going to speak French and have a French bulldog!



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