27 Sep

So sorry I am so late blogging today! Its been one of those days! Not to mention I’m blogging from my blackberry (not ideal) because I am without a computer at the moment. Kinda a funny story behind that…kinda. You see all weekend in Sedona I kept forgetting things. I’d leave my jacket in a restaurant my credit card in the wrong purse…the list goes on. So Brian and I had a joke that all my stuff should be tied to me and then I should be tied to him so I didn’t get lost too. The image made us giggle. That is until our flight home. As we were approaching security I KNEW my load was lighter but I couldn’t figure out what I was missing. Um…my sweater? No. My sunglasses? No. Hmmm. As we put our bags on the belt and took our shoes off Brian looked at me and asked “where’s your computer”?…suddenly our weekend joke was not so funny anymore. I left my computer in the rental car! Fool! It was not my best moment. Brian quickly got on the phone and after 1 hour found my computer. Its being shipped from Sedona now. Urghhhhh.


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