7 Sep


I have some troubling news to share…I accidentally harmed a Buddha statue. Can’t be a good sign 2 days before leaving on a Buddhist retreat can it? Let me set the scene- I was shoving a purse into the miniature closet that I now share with Brian (for the record he has more space) and the purse fell. I guess on the way down to the ground it hit Brian’s miniature Buddha, clipping off his pinky and the prongs on his “wand like thing”. What a freak accident! It also made a strangely comical noise in the process. At first all I heard was the strangely comical noise and was unaware of the damage. Unfortunately detective Brian was on the case because he also heard the strangely comical noise. I assured him everything was fine and that my purse just fell but I knew I was covering something up…I just didn’t know what yet. It took Brian all of one minute to figure it out. He found the Buddha’s little pinky (the size of a speck of dust) on the floor. I felt terrible because he looked very sad but I also couldn’t help but laugh. I mean seriously…what are the chances! I’m leaving for my first Buddhist retreat in 2 days and I disfigure a Buddha. Crap.


3 Responses to “304”

  1. Michael Egan November 21, 2011 at 7:13 pm #

    I found your page because I was looking for a picture of the Buddha inside the zendo at Tassajara. It’s okay to accidentally break a statue of the Buddha, in part because your intention wasn’t to be violent. If anything, the broken finger of the Buddha is the reminder to all people who see it, especially the owner and the breaker, that all things are impermanent. The Buddha is better at teaching now. 🙂 If you haven’t already read it, have a look at a story called “One-Finger Zen.”

  2. Sew Haute July 5, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    “He found the Buddha’s little pinky (the size of a speck of dust) on the floor.” LMFAO


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