31 Aug


The other night Brian and I were lying in bed reading our books. Actually, I was pretending to read my book because really I was thinking about the clothing items that I needed to pick up at Target for my Tassajara adventure. I leave in one week and have so much to do! The information packet made it very clear that my clothing should be modest- e.g. no shorts, exposed midriffs or thin strapped tank tops, no tight-fitting clothes or otherwise revealing clothes and everything muted in color. Well shit I thought, that was my whole closet other than my pajama drawer. I couldn’t wear pajama’s could I? So what would this outfit look like? Wouldn’t I be hot working in the garden totally covered? Should I wear sandals?

 All of a sudden I was filled with questions so I put down my book and interrupted Brian from actually reading to discuss my Tassjara clothing thoughts. After a few minutes of sharing my ideas I looked over at him for a response. His face was a mix of pure bewilderment and fear (keep in mind it was only night two of living together). All of a sudden the situation caused me to burst out laughing!

While most female bloggers are bringing you the hottest coats, boots and sweaters of the season, I will be highlighting Tassajara fall fashion. The thought of this made me laugh so hard I cried. I told Brian I thought he should shoot pictures of me in the park wearing a brown paper bag for post titled “Tassajara Fall Fashion”. He told me he thought I would offend somebody.


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