28 Aug

Yesterday was moving day! Yesterday was also the hottest day we have had all summer. A truly perfect day to move. But, we survived with laughter and In n’out burgers. All in all it wasn’t that bad. We put most of my stuff in storage until we find a bigger place. I am hoping for one by the beach that’s very bright with huge closets and a yard for Frank. I’m asking for a lot I know!

While I was unpacking my things at Brian’s, I said to him “It’s so odd to have my stuff at your house and it’s so odd I won’t be going back to my own place in a few days!”. He yelled back “Ya never I guess”. All of a sudden I was overcome with a mix of excitement and sadness. He was right. Unless something horrible happened and we broke up I was never going back to my own room and apartment again. How weird and comforting all at the same time? I felt like I was saying goodbye to my 20’s with this move and saying hello to the journey of my 30’s. It’s such a joy to fall in love and want to build a life with another human being but it’s also a very strange thought to think I would never really be alone again.

Strange, exciting, comforting and a journey I am totally ready for…


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